Start with "why"

On your website or in front of clients, telling what you do is just a part of the big picture. Simon Sinek created a real movement around “starting with why” (check out his inspiring talk) to help entrepreneurs and enterprises market and sell what they do.

I want to show you how to apply it to your XR business and communicate about what you do in a more inspiring way

The whole model revolve around the idea of pitching your products and services starting with “Why” (your purpose, cause or strong belief), moving into the “How” (your differentiator, value proposition or unique selling point), and ending with the “What” (the actual service or product your provide).

This statement is VERY specific for each business so i will write one for a studio that focuses on 360 videos production and emphasize the more personal approach of their creations when compared to aggressive guerrilla marketing strategies.

Why:We believe in a new way of marketing your brand...

How:...where you don’t need to shout to be heard and customer attention is offered not grabbed.

What:We create innovative 360 videos for your customers that Wow and educate.

The more specific and targeted is your statement the higher the chance the next prospect client will be willing to hear more about what you do.

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