Know your Metrics !!!

Sometimes you deal with analytical clients and ROI is the only thing they want to talk about. Below I list 4 amazing analytical tools that will allow you to collect impressive data to show the level of engagement achieved using AR/VR and 360 videos.

Ghostline is a program that measures a user’s interaction with VR products in real-time. Ghostline also allows to get a read on consumer emotion and present marketers with statistics such as user height, room size, and data otherwise impossible to collect.

CognitiveVR aggregates data such as user interaction patterns, user travel patterns, and gaze time throughout the experience. What makes it particularly valuable is that works both in virtual and augmented reality.

The strongest advantage of RetinadVR is that employs heat maps to track users eye movements while in a virtual environment. This allows a marketing agency to determine which specific object placement or action is effective and allows for more efficient refinement of a given advertisement.

Virtualitics is a data-first VR service that provides an advanced and thorough analysis and examination of VR data. This service uses a sophisticated “smart” mapping system based on a unique machine learning and natural language which aggregates and presents vital statistical data.

Sometime data are enough to close the deal, sometime you need open questions to discover their real objections. Check out my blog for some of them or shoot me an email and i would be happy to help you dig deeper and help you move forward in the sales process.

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