Get ready for the next XR conference

XR conferences are sprawling and they are fantastic launch platforms to boost your business!!!

I compiled this list of upcoming conferences and i am going to share some tips so that you can get the most out of them.

Set Goals Either presenting or attending you need to have clear goals. What is that you want to achieve? Find partners, investors, new clients, expand your team? Set your goals beforehand so you know what kind of conversations you want to have and with whom.

Be Prepared After setting your goals you need to prepare. If there are specific people you want to meet at the conference, do your research. Read their book or the latest paper they wrote and also read about their company or their specialty. LinkedIN is a terrific resource and you would be amazed about how much you can learn. If you are presenting, preparation is even more important. You don’t want to just talk for 20 minutes about your business. Tell your story in a way that is interesting, adds value to the audience and ultimately support your goal. If you want to give a memorable talk and you are running out of time just get in touch and i am sure i can get you stage ready in no time.

Arm Yourself with Conversation Starters Keep some conversation starters in mind. Below are examples:

- What sets your XR implementation apart from the crowd?

- What’s been your most successful strategy in building your business so far?

- What mistake you would avoid making if you had to do this again?

- Have you gone to this conference before? It’s my first time here… what’s changed?

- Did you fit in any non-conference activities?

- There are so many of these events nowadays… why did you decide to attend this one?

- What is the new XR application that blew your mind ?

Connect with other enthusiasts, communicate passionately about what you do. Get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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