Explain your XR services in one sentence!

One of the factor that makes selling XR products or services difficult is that people have never tried it and don’t know how this new tech can benefit their business (i really think VR is like pizza). Explaining what you do in a way that is relatable and connects with the client is the first step toward building familiarity with your prospects.

In one of my blog posts i have talked about how to apply the “start with why” approach described by Simon Sinek to your XR business to increase your sales. To complement and expand upon that strategy, today i am going to tell you about what i call “The Help” statement.

It contains 3 core blocks and sound like this We help [specific client] [achieve this benefits] by [providing this service]

Let’s look at each section:

[Specific client] I am a firm believer that if you try to talk to everyone you are going to talk to noone. Finding your specific client is crucial to market what you do effectively and design a solution that solve the client problem. If you are trying to target more verticals you might consider building different “help statement”.

[Achieve this benefit] Talking your client language is crucial. How do they measure success ? What are they trying to achieve using your services? Try also to think beyond the company you are engaging with and look at the PERSON and what his/her drives are. We are going to talk about how to dig deep later (or just shoot me an email). For now really think about what they would like to see as a consequence of doing business with you.

[Providing this service] You have shown you have a target and you know what matters to them. Now it’s the time to show you have the perfect solution. Use evocative adjective to strengthen features that distinguish you and address objections they might have from the start.

A typical help statement could look like this:

"We help real estate agencies increase their turnover and decrease operations costs by creating life-like virtual tours easy to deploy in any location."

In this case the obvious target are real estate agencies. One of their crucial profit driver is turnover. Being able to sell quickly is often more important than the sales commission. I also decided to mention operation costs because having sales reps hopping from one house to another and ending up stuck in traffic is pure loss for a real estate agencies and that time would be much better be spent making prospecting phone calls or showing houses to pre qualified leads. The next part deals with some objections a conservative real estate agency might have. When i say “life-like” i suggest the fact that the virtual tours provided could replace/complement a standard visit and are not gimmicky render on a flat screen. The last part also addresses an objection: the actual implementation of your service. Saying “easy to deploy in any location” makes it clear that is something flexible and with low overhead.

Crafting the perfect “help statement” is very dependent on your product or services, the kind of clients you deal with on a regular basis and the most common objections you get. Use this framework, tweak it to your liking and let me know how it goes.

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