30 Questions to qualify your XR clients

Today i am going to share with you more than 30 specific questions that you can use to qualify your XR prospects.

You can download the FULL ILLUSTRATED PDF with all the 30 questions HERE

These scripts assume you built a certain level of familiarity (using for example a “multiple touches approach”).

We saw what are the 7 fundamental piece of information you need to know before you give the first presentation or demo and here you can find 30 questions to help you qualify your clients. To make them effective it is important that you adapt them to your specific niche and make them your own. By practicing you will be able to hop from one to another and gather extra valuable information that you will use when it’s time to pitch them your solution.

Purpose of these questions is to understand what is your client exposure to XR from both a business and professional prospective. This information will also help you adapt your vocabulary to the person you have in front.

1) Have you ever used a VR headset/ AR application/ watched 360 video?

1a) (If they tried) What was your first impression? How did you get the chance to try it?

1b) (If they haven’t tried it) From an “outsider” perspective what is your honest impression about it? What about other people that work with you?

2) What was an XR application you were particularly impressed about?

3) Have you worked on other XR projects with external contractors?

3a) (If yes) that’s great not many of my clients have previous experience. How did that work out?

3b) (if no) makes sense, we helped many clients moving their first steps into XR. Have you worked on other software solutions with external vendors?

Do not forget to qualify “the dream” of the person you are talking to. It is important to have a broad view of what is motivating the person in front of you before jumping into technicalities and KPIs. This is especially true if he is the decision maker, but if not it will still help you connect emotionally and reach out to the desire for innovation, ambition or curiosity that drives decision making .

1) What motivated you to look into XR solutions right now?

2) When it comes down to [core business area] what is your biggest challenge?

3) How have you been solving this problem so far?

4) What made you consider XR as a possible solution for your problem?

5) On a broader level how do you envision XR being useful to [prospect company] ?

6) How do you measure success for this kind of projects?

7) When would you say you are Happy about the outcome of a similar project?

Especially when dealing with complex deals it is hard to get direct access to the decision maker. Understanding who are the people involved and what is the relationship with your prospect is going to help you enormously further down the road

1) Who else is usually involved when evaluating this XR solutions?

2) How open are them to this kind of technology? (redirect to familiarity questions)

3) Can you share with me some thoughts on how usually [decision maker] is going to decide on something like this?

The early you will discover what are your client’s objections and doubts about your solution, the earlier you can tackle them. My suggestion is to start asking the hard questions as early as possible. This will also position you as a trusted partner instead of a pushy entrepreneur.

1) Is there any reason you/decision maker is not going to move forward with this?

2) XR is a new tech so I was wondering what is your major doubt/ question you would like to get answered?

3) Have you looked into XR solutions in the past? What stopped you to move forward?

4) What is your major concern when implementing something new like XR in your business/branding/operations?

XR has to compete with other ways your clients has been solving his problem so far. Change is one of the major obstacle to adoption and it is important to understand what kind of “comparison” your client is making in his head.

1) How have you been solving this problem/doing this so far?

2) What would you like to improve/do differently?

3) What other options are you evaluating right now?

4) (Beside budget) What is going to be the deciding factor when picking the right solution?

Money are always going to be part of the equation. It is wise to talk about money early in the conversation so that both you and your prospect do not waste time. Of course i am not referring to an exact quote but you can give a range and see how your prospect react. Here are some examples:

1) What do you know about internal budget when it comes down to [solve the problem]?

2) How much budget do you have for solving this problem this quarter?

3) Our solution runs in a ballpark from X to Y. Assuming you like the solution could you work with that number?

There is nothing more demotivating than seeing deals fall into oblivion. Do not let that happen! Try to understand what is the priority and align with the internal decision process so that you can set clear expectations.

1) What are your current top 3 priorities when it comes down to [problem]?

2) What is the internal process for assessing this kind of solutions?

3) When would you ideally see this up and running?

4) Given the priority you mentioned how long do you think is going to take to make a decision on this?

This is it for now! Remember that you can download ALL the 30 questions here as an handy Illustrated PDF.

If you have an important call with a prospects you want to prepare for, give me a shout at info@grtalk.net and i will be more than happy to help!

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