3 Techniques to pitch your VR/AR Business

In this short article you will learn 3 techniques that you can use to pitch effectively your VR/AR business to clients, partners, in public or with friends.

“Frame” why now

When you describe your idea or service put it in context by framing it against these three important market forces: Economic forces: describe what has changed financially in the VR niche you operate in Social forces: highlight what  changes in people’s behavior are emerging Technology forces: Let your client know what technological change are revolutionizing the way VR is applied and consumed. This will put your services into context and show why, due to this pressing forces, is important to act “NOW”.

Explain their benefits using external credibility

Some people like us are visionaries and believe in new markets and ideas… some aren’t and want to know what is the ROI for using VR in their branding effort. Belgian researchers showed in THIS ARTICLE that the attitude towards the marketing ad and the brand is significantly improved in comparison to conventional 2D advertising. The “magic” didn’t stop here! The purchase intention of people exposed to VR advertising was also positively affected. There you have it! VR is more effective than 2D advertising in improving the purchase intention.

Explain why you are the best

We all know that VR evoke a sensation of presence but what is it really? How can you explain it to a client ? In the same article it is well described how the feeling of presence is a result of vividness ( the way our different senses are engaged throughout the experience) and interactivity ( the extent to which the user can modify form and content in the environment). JACKPOT! Tell how your experience engages the senses of the user and the many ways gaze or hand controllers interactions allow them to feel fully PRESENT.

To sum it up: Frame the landscape, explain how VR Outperform standard advertising using external credibility and close the loop showing how your experience boost presence and consequently the purchase intention.

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