3 More questions for your VR Sales conversation

Let's face it! Many potential clients do not know or understand what XR can do for them.

Especially in the field of emerging technologies it is CRUCIAL to qualify your prospect so that you can develop and package your product/service effectively. WE have talked about the power of OPEN QUESTIONS not long ago. Without further ado here are 3 more OPEN questions for you to use at your next sales conversation:

1) What is the business need you are trying to fulfill implementing VR ?

Before going into features and what you can do it is important to know what is the client hoping to achieve using XR in their business. Framing the question in this way might also reveal info about who else is involved and the decision making process. As you know the one you are talking to is not always the one that pays....

2) When it comes to X what is your biggest struggle, obstacle frustration ?

The "good old struggle" question has a major pitfall: people might be struggling with something you cannot help them with! Framing the question in this way and replacing "X" with  a broader business problem he is trying to solve it helps you uncover crucial information.

3) What are the key characteristics in the final package that you would value the most?

Your own idea of "Great features" might be very different from the one of your client. Immersive, smooth frame rate, photorealistic etc might not be even words in your client dictionary and you might be surprised about much simpler answers: short, memorable, scalable etc (would love to hear from you what they come up with!).

That's it from my side and i hope also this week you got a sufficient dose of good practices. If you are hungry for more and want to NAIL your next pitch, do not hesitate to get in touch

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