3 Great questions for your sales conversation

Pitches are inwardly focused, prepacked and impersonal. Below i will share with you 3 great open questions to kickstart your sales conversations.

From "Features" to "Understanding"

In many real life situations you are not standing in front of a panel assessing your public speaking skills, you are having a chat with your prospect client who wants to understand more and has a lot of questions or objections about your possible business relationship. Usually we start explaining what we do, what services we provide what VR experience you have in your portfolio or how easy is to implement AR. In the best case scenario you are able to mention the benefits of what you do. This is what i call a sales pitch and i think we can do better than that! Asking open questions upfront results in insights that can help you close the deal! Questions are "open" when cannot be answered by a simple YES or NO. They start with: What, Where, When and How (due to its inquisitive nature i would keep Why for another day). So forget about Do, Does, Are you, Have you, Can etc. Here are some example of open questions to kickstart your sale conversation:

1)What kind of emotion, reaction or behavior would you like to trigger in the final user? this help your client think about what is the final aim of the project and when you make an offer you can present your experience in such a way that is the perfect solution for their clients.

2) What is your biggest doubt/concern about VR/AR implementation in your business? Instead of guessing what objections your prospects might have just ask them straight away. They will feel heard and you can address them throughout the sales conversation.

3) How would you define a successful business relationship? There is so much more than the software you are going to deliver. some clients value hardware setup very highly while others need a fast turnaround. You can leverage the flexibility of a dynamic startup to shape a package that perfectly match your prospect priorities. These are just a small example of the questions you can use to turn your sale pitch into a sale conversation. If you want to look at your specific business, services and clients let's get in touch via the contact box below.

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