Hi! I am Gabriele

I help studios and entrepreneurs in the XR business sell their services to clients, partners and investors.



People remember 66% more of what they see compared to what they read. Visuals are a powerful tool to inspire, explain complicated data or give a glimpse of the experiences you created. I will help you design visuals that are aligned with your brand and bring to life the story you are going to tell.


Stepping on stage is a great opportunity for you and your business. Whether that is in front of investors, XR newbies or veterans I can help you craft a story that gets the results you want.


Selling XR is not a sprint but a marathon (especially to enterprises). I can help you throughout the whole process: qualify new prospects, craft effecive prposals, dealing with objections and, ultimately, close more deals.


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Beppy Nooijstraat, 2331 Leiden, Netherlands

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