Something about me

I was born in Italy.


I got a Ph.D. in Industrial Biotechnology and though it was all I needed to build my future.


I did freerunning and appeared in a rapper's music video.


My first VR headset was the HTC Vive.


Me and my wife are raising our son quadrilingual… or at least trying.


I am good at turning technical topics into cool stories (“very good” I have been told).


I worked in Johnson & Johnson as a program manager.


I believe good enough is NOT good enough if it can be better… and many find that uncomfortable.


I love XR especially because I can do cool stuff with it beyond gaming.


It turned out a Ph.D. can bring you only this far, and sometimes you have to reinvent yourself if you want to be happy.


I get energy from helping people succeed.


I manage business relationships with enterprises every day.


I learned the hard way that sales is not a sprint but a chess games… on a timer.


I started learning python at 34 because data are awesome!


I have a passion for keynote speaking.


I coach entrepreneurs in XR pitching their services to clients and investors.

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