Hi! I am Gabriele

I help entrepreneurs pitch their XR services to investors, clients, and partners.

Clients and Partners:



Slide decks are not all made equal. The ones sent to investors have to pack the right amount of information without being overwhelming. The one  used on stage should complement your story and help you deliver a memorable pitch. I can help you design visuals that are aligned with your brand so that you can focus on running your business.


I believe behind every XR entrepreneurs there is a great story and I will help you find a narrative that supports your mission and to which audiences and investors will connect.


Pitching can take many forms: during demo day, with clients or in one-to-one meetings with investors. I  helped XR startups deliver winning pitches at events like AWE and VRDays and look forward to helping you succeed.


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Beppy Nooijstraat, 2331 Leiden, Netherlands

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